10 Budget Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Are you thinking to improve your bathroom surroundings and atmosphere but still, hesitating? Most likely, you may want to give it a second thought. Bathroom renovations are often times pricey and may require your time and detailed attention.  

Yet, do not fret about it. Here are ten tips on how you may finally begin your bathroom’s dream makeover.

1. Create a Budget and a Plan

Planning ahead of time gives you more advantage. List down what are the changes you need to do with your bathroom and the materials you might need. Canvas the price or cost of the materials. Sort out and prioritize the most important things you need and want to do. From there, tally and know the estimated total cost you need to spend on your remodelling. Do what you plan but as much as possible, stick to your budget.

2. Make Your Own Mirror

Making your own mirrors saves you a lot of money. Design your mirror with the trimmings and frames according to your personality and lifestyle. Use products like spray paint, flowery stickers and other things to enhance your design.

3. Go Thrifting!

To cut the costs of your bathroom remodel, visit some thrift shops nearby and check out if they offer something that resembles the items you need. Old cabinets and dressers may serve as vanity sinks or vintage towel holders.

4. Paint Your True Colors

Repaint your bathroom with new colors to change the overall ambience inside. Search color palette from the internet to get ideas what color coordination would work out for you. Express your personality or mood through different combinations of warm and cool colors and monochrome.

5. DIY What You Can

Learn a few basic tasks like laying tiles on the bathroom floor or painting the walls and storage to save some money. However, keep in mind that you like to save costs, not to cause further damage, delay or more expenses on your part.

6. Shelving Is Less Expensive Than Cabinetry

Wall-mounted shelves do not only cut the costs of your remodelling but also save you more storage space inside the bathroom. Use decorative storage containers to enhance the look of your new shelves.

7. Don’t Move Plumbing

Keep your shower, toilet or sink where they are.

8. Mix High and Low.

Mix and match low-cost items with expensive items to remodel and transform your bathroom into a pleasant-looking and comfortable area.

9. Repair, Don’t Replace

To follow your budget, you don’t have to replace everything inside your bathroom and, then, to buy new items. If your material remains to be functional, mend it and just give it a little refurbishment.

10. Skip Expensive Items in Favor of Less Costly Alternatives

Consider other alternatives to conventional materials used in remodelling. Search or ask around for information. Compare the difference between using tilework and vinyl tiles on the floor; between marbles or granite and tiles on your countertop. Or, try something new, use wainscoting on your walls.

So, there, a toast to your new, lovely and relaxing bathroom space waiting to be unveiled!