5 DIY Lawn Care and Garden Ideas To Transform Your Yard

One of the best parts of our house is the garden. It is where we can relax and be one with nature, But building or decorating it is one big challenge.

You don’t really need to hire a professional or be an expert to do your garden and lawn. There are few simple tricks that you can do. All you need to have is a seed of patience and a gallon of love and you are all set for a Do-it-yourself Garden.


We want a green backyard, right? And that, of course, includes the lawn and a lot of us is having some challenges on how to maintain it. Problems arise and you always question your ability to take care of this green carpet.

Let us not overwhelm yourself with a lot of do’s and don’ts, let’s stick to the basic. You need to have a healthy soil, neutral pH7. If your soil is acidic you can apply Epsom salt plus water, will do the trick. Do not hand-pull the weeds, boil some water and pour it into the weed affected area. Contrary to what we believe that a healthy lawn needs a lot of water, water will only shallow the root system.

Water rarely, but deeply to establish good roots and green grass.

Secret Lawn Tonic

There are a lot of  “secret” law tonics on the internet and what I have encountered and use effectively is this one. This recipe is shared by  Tim Heffron a former groundskeeper at a golf course.

You will need:

One full can of regular pop (any kind-no diet soda)

One full can of beer (no light beer) 12oz

1/2 Cup of Liquid dishwashing soap (do NOT use anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid)

1/2 Cup of household ammonia

1/2 Cup of mouthwash (any brand)


Pour into 10-gallon hose-end sprayer (other sizes will work too)

In high heat, apply every three weeks

Tin Can

Us we try to be one with nature, let us do our part in reducing our waste. Instead of putting away your used tin cans, we can try to upcycle it and create colorful small pots for our garden.  All you need to have are tin cans paint brush, paint, and imagination.

Pallet herb garden

Instead of buying herbs that you will use in your next recipe, why not plant them?

Reusing the pallet that is in your backyard would be a great idea.

No professional carpenter? No problem. Pallet, nail, paint (optional) coco pot (or coir mat) and soil are the only materials that you need to prepare. Cover the bottom of each shelves using coco pot so that you can put the soil in. Each individual shelf can hold different herb to grow. Put the seed in and wait for it to produce a herb.

Vertical  planters

There are plenty of vertical planters that you can choose from. This is ideal for small gardens to maximize the use of space that is available. from PVC, wood repurposed old barrel or even a pocket shoe organizer will do the trick.  

You can try this for your garden, all you need to have are the following.


4″ – 6″ diameter PVC  of any length

Potting mix and compost

Plants (small plants only)

Large pebbles ( to add support and stability)

Drip pipeline (this will help to distribute the water evenly)

How to:

Drill the PVC pipe to your desired location.

Add the large pebble to support the PVC.

Place drip pipeline so that you can have a good water flow for your plant.

Put the seed.

Having a beautiful garden does not need to be costly, Imagination is the only key to have a beautiful garden. So what are you waiting for? Put on your gloves, have your rake ready and do your gardening