Bedroom Storage Solutions

The bedroom is the only place at home where we store our personal stuff. It is basically a room where we sleep, but it also serves as our personal chamber. We often treat it as our semi-living room by putting up tables and couch to lie on after a long day.

Having so many stuff in the room isn’t bad after all. But don’t you think that too much clutter in the bedroom can only give you a little space? Piled up dresses, shoes, bags, and accessories will get in your way if you won’t start making strategic solutions for your storage.  

However, doesn’t it feel good to enter your bedroom and see it tidy and looking as fresh as daisies?. Here are several storage solutions you can apply to your bedroom:

Maximize your closet

The closet is our personal depot where we store all the clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories so maximizing your closet’s potential to its best use shall be considered.

Kristine Becker of HGTV advises,

“Before buying bulky dressers or armoires, make sure you’re getting the most out of your closet — especially when it comes to hanging space.”

She then adds,

“You can always add drawer or shelf units, but it’s harder to change the rods.”

Plan ahead instead of re-arranging your storage on the spot. Use the rods wisely. Instead of hanging random clothes, why not organize the dresses you will consume for daily use. It is best to hide the clothes you won’t be needing for the next few months or until the next season. You need to estimate how many shirts and jackets you will hang in the rods for you to check how many sticks you will need.

If you can also add another drawer for your shoes or bags, then, by all means, do it. Make the most of all the spaces and corners you have in your closet.

Under-the-bed storage

Most of the bed these days have portable cabinets that you can find either in the headboard or under the bed. Sliding drawers under the bed may serve as your bin for old clothes, underwears, shorts, tank tops, and socks. The queen of the under-the-bed storage happily confesses,

“When we lived in that apartment — and especially after we shoehorned a baby and all his things into it — there was so much stuff under my bed, I never had to vacuum there. No room to.”

Opt for dual purpose types of furniture

Dual purpose furniture is more likely applicable to small room spaces. If you put a single drawer for every stuff you have in the room, your place will look crowded and tight making it look like a real trouble. Start browsing the furniture shops for a dual purpose furniture. Instead of purchasing a single drawer, you may opt for cabinets for extra storage which you can use as a shelf and a place to hold your lamp too.

Ditch the bedside tables

It is very common for rooms to have bedside tables but don’t you know that you can ditch that kind of furniture to give way to a free bedroom space? Instead of using bedside tables, you may opt to go for headboard cabinets which can hold your books, glasses, and the lamp. Moreover, you can wall mount the LED TV and stereos for media sets. In addition to that, you may set the DVD and CDs to a mounted wall tower to save floor space.

There are millions of ways for a bedroom storage solution. The process is tedious and takes a lot of time organizing your stuff but when you get to accomplish the tasks, you’ll see how kempt and space-free your comfort zone is.