Expert Underground Oil Tanks Inspection and Testing Services

Many homes across the country have oil tanks buried underneath. Unfortunately, underground oil tanks were the reason for multiple fatal accidents in the nation, mainly due to leakage. Unsuspecting property owners are highly prone to accidents due to oil tank issues. For this reason, underground oil tanks inspection and testing services are offered by companies and professionals to help homeowners get away from catastrophic events resulting from faulty oil tanks.

In a recent inspection conducted by a private company, almost half of the underground oil tanks in the country are not eco-friendly. Other than being faulty, they also cause hazardous effects on the environment. Large containers that contain potentially hazardous chemicals must be tested for leakages to protect their surrounding environment.

It is already mandated by the government for homeowners to get their oil tanks tested regularly. Regular inspection and testing can significantly help reduce the chance of toxic spills and leaks. For homeowners with outdated oil tanks, there are tank removal and replacement services also offered by many construction companies. Getting the obsolete oil tanks replaced is more practical than having them tested from time to time. If you intend to sell your property with an underground oil tank, you have to inform the buyer about its current condition.

The new owner will take care of its regular testing afterward. To get your underground oil tank tested, you will need a professional inspection and testing service. There are many service providers, but it is best availed from a reputable construction company. Professional service providers can use the most effective techniques in testing tanks. Typically, they either go for manual inspection or the more advanced testing method called ground scanning. There are advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to the company on which one is better to use after a thorough inspection.

Manual testing can be a more viable option in some situations. In the manual testing, the professionals manually check on the current condition of the oil tank and pinpoint any damages. They may also test the surrounding soil to check if there is any contamination caused by the chemicals coming from the oil tank. Ground scanning, on the other hand, is more advanced due to the use of modern technology in inspecting the oil tank without any excavation.

There are some cases wherein oil tank inspection and testing is no longer an available option. Underground chambers that are severely damaged must be taken out from its container from the ground. Removing large and heavy containers is an exhausting task and should only be executed by trained professionals. Other than leaks and surface damages, here are some of the reasons why oil chambers have to be removed:

1. If you decide to switch to natural gas
2. If you are planning to move your oil reservoir above the ground
3. If your underground oil tank is already very outdated and worn out
4. If you are selling your house and the buyer does not want an underground oil tank

If you are still not familiar with how these services are done, contact a local construction company for inquiries.