House Paint Colors Guideline

Are you having a dilemma in finding the right colors for your abode? Choosing colors can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you are in the planning stage and you have a lot of things to consider, not to mention the comprehensive selection of colors in the palette.

You need not worry, this article will walk you through the following points to simplify the process of selecting suitable colors for your home.

The starting phase always entails researching, planning, paint swatching and at times consulting.

You want to make sure that the hue combinations you chose to produce the outcome you desire.

You may check other paint colors guidelines available online for additional tips and guides on color combinations and designs.

Create a layout of your house and conceptualize the colors you want to designate on every part. Check the color wheel for the colors that contrast and match each other.

You may consider doing some color testing on boards or small surfaces to check which mixes are right to apply.

Take into consideration the exterior and interior of your house.

Remember that when deciding on the facade of your house, you should set out a paint scheme that will stand through time and will complement your surrounding and your neighbors’ houses.

Create an impression with the initial colors you choose – yellow if you prefer sunny and bright, red if you want to get bold and blue or gray if you choose to be cool and laid-back.

Whether it is dark or light color that you chose for the bigger field of your exterior, consider choosing a color that slightly contrasts, for your doors, windows and shutters.

For the interior of your house, you can choose your personal taste of colors that fit your style.

Keep in mind as well the furniture and decorations you are going to use and the inspiration you will draw from when selecting the color scheme for your interior. This will help in depicting the depth of your home design and color arrangement.

The mood setting and style are also factors in selecting shades and tints for your home.

Harmony is what you seek when you incorporate the mood you want to set and the style you prefer in your home.

Light and space in a room is a factor when picking shades and tints. Strong colors will intensify the brightness, hence, you may opt for a cooler shade to balance the hue setting and create a calm ambience.

If your space is quite small, choose brighter shade or striking accents to create a spacious impression.

Finding the right texture to finish the paint colors for the walls and landings is important to create a cohesive look for your interior.

When it becomes difficult to choose a great color for your home, opt for soft and neutral monochromatic schemes. You can pick a color analogous to the first one you chose, for the adjacent rooms.

Take note of the preferences and mood of each member when mixing shades and tints in each room. Imagine the colors used on what vibe they invoke in each member.

Let us contemplate on the paint color schemes we chose for our home.

We may agree on this or not, but the manner on how we choose colors and arrangement in our home reflects who we are. Choosing the right colors has an impact on our perspectives and well-being. Hence, careful study and process in selecting the colors for your home are essential.

When things get really difficult for us, we can always seek professional advice or from our friends and families with architecture and design practice. After all, colors are things we can perceive and share with others.