How To Choose The Right Lighting For Parking Spaces

In the past, it is required to upgrade a lot of lights that are used on parking lots and roads. This is because of the demand for LED lights. They are not only brighter, smaller, require less power, safer, and easy to maintain than the other light options, they are also more cost effective that is why they can provide a lot of benefits to many industries, cities, and commercial businesses that need to upgrade their light options.

Because parking areas and parking lots are one of the widespread uses for all the lighting needs, you can say that updating to LED lighting is one thing that almost all of the parking areas are doing, interested in, or in the process of doing today. It is vital for you to know when you should consider updating the lights of your parking area to LED lights. This article will provide you with those reasons so read here now.

You need to know first if you need to add new lights or replace the old ones. If you already have lights, then you can still use the same poles and wirings and replace the old lights with LED lights. You can save money if you can avoid rewiring. You should also not worry about getting the permits or ensuring that everything is following the code if you will update your existing lights. If you add new lights, you need to consider the budget that you need to set up and wire the lights.

Another thing to consider is the brightness of the LED’s. Take note that these lights are usually brighter so you might require fewer lights to get the same lighting that your previous lights provide. You must consider the color of the LED lights that you will need. You also need to take note that you can get these LED lights in various colors and as a matter of fact, some LED bulbs can support a lot of colors in just a single bulb. You also can program the lights using the software.

Warmer lights with yellow tones are easier on the eyes in most parking space, but you can also get white LED lights. It is also vital for you to take note on the color temperature because this will show the quality of the lights. You should also look for the lumen rating on the bulbs. The CRI or color remembering index is also another factor that you need to consider. This is another factor that will indicate the quality of light. You will usually need to have a CRI of 70 or more but not more than 90.

You should also consider the warranty and rebate of the lights that you will be getting. There are a lot of places that will provide some rebate if you switch to LED lights because they can save on power consumption and are friendly to the environment. It is also essential to have a good warranty since there are some manufacturers of low quality LED lights out there.