Make Your House Look Cleaner And Bigger With These Hacks

With the skyrocketing price of real estate right now, you may end up not buying the typical mansion of your dreams. Fret not because there are ways to maximize the space you have at home and make it look cleaner and cosey.

Two of the most important things you should consider in your house is the spaciousness and cleanliness. Why don’t you try some of these hacks for your abode:

1. Paint walls and ceiling with light colors

There is nothing wrong with dark shades of colour, but it sure does make a living space feel a little tight. Why not opt for lighter hues especially white because it doesn’t just make your space look spacious, it adds a look of freshness and cleanliness as well.

2. Try being a minimalist

Less furniture and decorations will give the house more space. Also, it is easier to clean with fewer things in the house. Having less doesn’t make your house look empty, but with proper guidance from an interior designer or research, one can create a spacious vibe from all the spaces you saved for opting to go minimalist. A lot of designs today are based on this concept because it suits the typical working mom and the independent single millennial.

3. Style your house with mirrors

It may be magic or what, but somehow, mirrors create an illusion of spaciousness. Look at modern houses and living spaces right now, designers tend to be playful with mirrors because of the illusion it creates.

4. Use oversized wall arts

The trick here is, by having something big hanging on your wall expands the sight making the impression that your space is big. You

5. Make your house well-lighted

A well-lit room looks bigger compared to dimmer ones. Make use of the sunshine and use white light bulbs.

6. Keep your floors always clean

Clean floors give the impression of a clean house, maybe because it is the most noticeable. Observe visitors when they enter your home, the first thing they will look at is the floor.

7. Simple things should be done as often as we could

May it be vacuum cleaning, dusting, or even cleaning the bathroom. The secret is to clean every part of the house on a regular basis. That is the secret why hotels look fresh and clean.

8. Candles and oil will do the trick

Light some scented candles or use essential oils to diffuse. It will give a different mood and vibe to your house. It will also give a relaxing feeling.

9. Have a clutter-free home

Most of us own too many stuff which is prominent in making our homes messy and topsy-turvy. Purging is not a bad idea if you wish to have a bigger and cleaner household. Just think of it this way, if you get rid off of the excess things then you’ll have more space. It’ll be of less hassle when you tidy up your place. If you see your things laying around somewhere, pick it up and arrange it.