Bridge Steel – What You Need To Know About This Type Of Construction Material

What is this kind of steel? Is it any different from the regular steel you find in hardware stores?

You should know that steel, as a construction material, is one of the most durable ones out there. They are so durable that they are even the first go-to materials for constructing bridges. You don’t have to combine steel with wood when it comes to building bridges because the material itself is already the perfect primary material for making your bridge as durable as it can be.

Whether the bridge you will be making is a footbridge or a bridge that’s for carrying heavy vehicles, you have to make use of steel for it to be as durable as it can be. It’s essential to build a bridge that is strong enough to last because if you don’t, it will be on your hands if people and vehicles fall from above because the bridge you made collapsed. Steel will make the construction of the bridge a lot faster and structurally sound. Bridges are considered to be man-made wonders of the world, and it is true primarily when you use steel because it is aesthetically durable. When you go to big cities and then you see a huge bridge in the background, it is almost a hundred percent made of steel.

Check out the different kinds of steel right below this article.

There are different types of steel that you can use for your bridge construction. Bridge steel is a form of weathering steel because it is a lot stronger to withstand the weight of the vehicles passing on it. There are also different additives that are added to these types of steel so that they can be free from corrosion which makes it harder than the types of steel that don’t have this feature.

Several different steels will be used when doing a bridge project. This helps in workability control of the steel because other types of steel will be used as a foundation while others for keeping the bridge together and things like that. You need heavy steal for the beams while light steel is for building the arches; you need to understand that focusing use on one type of steel is not going to make the bridge construction a lot easier.

If you use heavy steel on everything, it will be pretty difficult for the worker to bend it or manipulate it for the arches of the bridge. Before you start buying the bridge steel you need for the construction process, you have to know whether this type of bridge you are making needs this type of steel or not. You need to consider the overall look of the design so that you can determine which kinds of beams you will need to order. This is going to help you build a bridge that will last a lifetime. Always do your homework and research first before you do anything stupid.

Wood-Plastic Composites – A Quick Look On The Benefits These Things Provide

You should know that wood-plastic composite or WPC for short is the kind of material that will blend perfectly with thermoplastic as well as wood fiber that will help create a durable material for construction projects. This type of material is pretty versatile which means you can use it in almost all kinds of construction processes like making doors, decking, flooring, windows, as well as fences. To check out more about this material and why it is a material that carries a lot of benefits, make sure you check the article below.

With wood-plastic composite, expect the material to be water-resistant.

Given that wood-plastic composite can blend perfectly with thermoplastic and wood fibers, it makes up a pretty water-resistant material. This factor alone makes it a perfect material for outdoor use. This is why wood-plastic composite is ideal for decking and flooring because aside from being durable, being water-resistant is a considerable benefit. Don’t worry about the rain because wood-plastic composite will outlast it.

If you want to save on maintenance, wood-plastic composite is your best option because it requires little to no maintenance at all.

With this material being pretty durable and water-resistant, you don’t have to worry too much about its maintenance because you need little care for such material. Bugs don’t care about wood-plastic composite when they can get lumber from other houses. Just like wall cladding, wood-plastic composite can keep its new looking appearance longer than how painted lumber would which means this will make your home look a lot nicer for a more extended period without doing any maintenance.

Longevity is what most people like about wood-plastic composite. With a product so durable, you can’t avoid using it because it will have a longer life span which will then equate to less cost in the long run.

If you decide to use wood-plastic composite then expect it to last pretty long. This type of material can outlast most weather conditions; the summer heat and the cold winds and rainfall are no match for this material. With its longer life span, wood-plastic composite makes a perfect material for building up durable fences. Timber or any wood material can’t compete with wood-plastic composite when it comes to longevity; it takes eight to ten years before the fences naturally breakdown. This means you won’t be needing any maintenance work and repairs until that time comes and by the time that day comes, you would have already had enough money for the maintenance. This is why you should consider using wood-plastic composite for your new home because it saves you money and a lot of time searching for other materials now that this type of product is almost everywhere.

If you have elderly with you or kids perhaps, this type of material will be slip resistant which means you don’t have to worry about the safety of your grandparents or kids at all.

The Importance Of Proper Pipe Installation In A Construction Project – Proper Location

When it comes to construction processes, it is vital that you call for a pipe locating company first. You need professionals to help you with this type of project because they will save you a lot of time and money when it comes to avoiding damages to both workers and the environment.

Underground utilities make it hard for construction processes because they have to watch out to not hit any vital pipeline underground; this is a lot harder when you are working in a highly populated area like cities. Pipe location is an essential process on its own; you will have to watch out for locating sewer, water, as well as gas pipes, electrical, and cable lines as well. There are tons of reasons to why pipe-locating is vital for any construction or excavation project and if you want to find out why; then you better read the article below.

You have to locate every underground utility within the area to avoid causing severe damage to it. You have to prevent excavating an area without surveying the lot because that is how you will hit pipes and cause serious damage to it. You have to find records that are not outdated to find out whether it is providing you with accurate information about the underground utilities or not. Its vital for you to follow this guide because it is not just going to help you avoid causing serious damage to the pipes, but it will also keep the worker and environment safe from any serious problem. Once you can get such information, then it would be safe to begin because you already know where the areas you should avoid digging.

Experts that do the pipe locating for you are using specialized equipment that was made to find objects underground, and this is what they call the GPR or Ground Penetrating radar, or for some, it is the underground 3D imaging. Aside from having modern technology, these experts should have experience and knowledge of the utility that they are trying to find. You do not want to waste your money on an incompetent professional who has only modern technology with him and not the knowledge that you need for keeping everyone and everything around safe.

When it comes to construction and excavation projects, a lot of interruption will take place or delays because you can’t rush things when you might be close to an underground utility. This is why you have to plan ahead of time and have a professional locate all pipes around your lot so that delays won’t be that constant to speed up the project. Hiring a pipe-locating company is going to help you prevent costly repairs as well as work delays because you will be able to mark every place that you should be careful of digging. This is certainly an advantage that you can’t pass on because it is crucial for finishing the project on time.

Is A Renovation Really Worth It?

Properties come with expiry dates just like any other homes, furniture or fixtures, they are exposed to wear and tear over time. We want to retain or extend the same original quality of houses, properties, fixtures and furniture longer for personal use or for market value reasons.

When to Renovate or Upgrade

So how do we do it? When is the right time to remodel our house or property space? Regular maintenance and periodic renovation are inevitable if you want to prolong your property’s pristine condition. However, total or semi- renovation might be the answer if you have a growing family and you need additional space. Moreso, obsolete fitting/fixtures may be required to be replaced by more energy efficient ones.

Things to Consider When Renovating a Home

Depending on your purpose to remodel or renovate your property, you can determine if renovation is really worth the cost, time and effort you’ll invest in. So, here are some things to keep in mind if you’re upgrading your home or property:

Personal Taste May Affect Your Home In The Future

We all want to incorporate our own unique personal tastes into our homes, from furniture, fixtures down to every minute details. It is great to remodel it according to your preferences and style if you are planning to keep it for good. However, if you have plans to sell it in the future, you might consider marketability. Are potential buyers going to like your upgrades or will your personal style make your property less marketable? If you’re intending to keep your customized home for generations to come, then renovating and periodic upgrading will all be worth it.

Don’t Overdo

Improving your homes to command a high price when you think about reselling them is an A-okay. But, you need to see what’s the trend around your neighborhood, walk through open houses, browse online for interior remodels or talk to real estate community to get a better idea of upgrades that won’t turn off buyers. You may not want to over-improve or overdo your renovation to the extent where buyers won’t pay for the extra or unnecessary upgrades. Renovating your space to ask for a higher price will definitely be worth it if the buyer will take it.

Search and Study the Market

If your purpose to renovate your home is to sell it, remember this rule of thumb, just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s worth anything to buyers. Conduct a study on comparing prices of houses with or without those features, so that you will have a grasp on what buyers are willing to pay for. Hence upgrading your space will be satisfying and rewarding once a buyer is willing to close the deal.

Focus on Functionality and Convenience

Who wants to buy or live in a house with beautiful interiors and exterior but has busted lightings, broken plumbing fixtures, annoying cabinet hinges, or obsolete kitchen fittings? Plumbing, electrical and waterproofing are basic features that should be regularly monitored for maintenance if you want to extend their usability. Not only are they essential for comfortable living, but they can get overly expensive if neglected in time. It’s absolutely all worth it if you are renovating these major features.

Consider your location

Remember to consider your location for home improvements because you might be throwing away good money for stuff not suited to your house. It will only make your property unsellable or unrentable because of the extra stuff. Take this as an example, a high-end, modern kitchen in East California is not going to be the same amount in Stockton. Moreover, solar panels in a low-cost housing community don’t give the same value or amount in a top-rate neighborhood. Does adding a garage practical when you live in barely 100 -square feet home? It all boils down to your location when doing upgrades whether you intend to sell it or live there for years to come. It will all be worth your money and effort when you follow this tip.

Pay Attention To Small Things

Renovation can give a makeover to old, worn-out home into fresh, new look, and can make your house more sellable or rentable if you are putting it on the market. Small things like painting the kitchen cabinets, getting the rooms painted with vibrant new colors instead of plain wallpapers, installing modern lighting fixtures in the living room will make the trick to liven up gloomy areas within the house. Fixing broken fixtures like a mailbox, sprinklers or damaged outlets are all small things necessary to upgrade your home. You can do this without breaking the bank while building up your home’s image and ambience. Either way, renovating can never be more satisfying with these results.

Bottom Line

Whether you want to put your property on the market or stay for years to come, it is imperative to have regular, well-planned home maintenance and timely renovations.

Scheduling minor fixes and up-to-date renovations or improvements will ensure your homes in great, tip-top shape prolonging its state and avoiding huge financial losses in the future. Remember these tips when deciding when to do home renovations, so you would know that time, money and effort spent on it are all worth it.

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Make Your House Look Cleaner And Bigger With These Hacks

With the skyrocketing price of real estate right now, you may end up not buying the typical mansion of your dreams. Fret not because there are ways to maximize the space you have at home and make it look cleaner and cosey.

Two of the most important things you should consider in your house is the spaciousness and cleanliness. Why don’t you try some of these hacks for your abode:

1. Paint walls and ceiling with light colors

There is nothing wrong with dark shades of colour, but it sure does make a living space feel a little tight. Why not opt for lighter hues especially white because it doesn’t just make your space look spacious, it adds a look of freshness and cleanliness as well.

2. Try being a minimalist

Less furniture and decorations will give the house more space. Also, it is easier to clean with fewer things in the house. Having less doesn’t make your house look empty, but with proper guidance from an interior designer or research, one can create a spacious vibe from all the spaces you saved for opting to go minimalist. A lot of designs today are based on this concept because it suits the typical working mom and the independent single millennial.

3. Style your house with mirrors

It may be magic or what, but somehow, mirrors create an illusion of spaciousness. Look at modern houses and living spaces right now, designers tend to be playful with mirrors because of the illusion it creates.

4. Use oversized wall arts

The trick here is, by having something big hanging on your wall expands the sight making the impression that your space is big. You

5. Make your house well-lighted

A well-lit room looks bigger compared to dimmer ones. Make use of the sunshine and use white light bulbs.

6. Keep your floors always clean

Clean floors give the impression of a clean house, maybe because it is the most noticeable. Observe visitors when they enter your home, the first thing they will look at is the floor.

7. Simple things should be done as often as we could

May it be vacuum cleaning, dusting, or even cleaning the bathroom. The secret is to clean every part of the house on a regular basis. That is the secret why hotels look fresh and clean.

8. Candles and oil will do the trick

Light some scented candles or use essential oils to diffuse. It will give a different mood and vibe to your house. It will also give a relaxing feeling.

9. Have a clutter-free home

Most of us own too many stuff which is prominent in making our homes messy and topsy-turvy. Purging is not a bad idea if you wish to have a bigger and cleaner household. Just think of it this way, if you get rid off of the excess things then you’ll have more space. It’ll be of less hassle when you tidy up your place. If you see your things laying around somewhere, pick it up and arrange it.

Steps To Declutter Your Whole House

Most people are often stressed out by clutter, well who isn’t, right? It’s actually a common problem for almost all of us. You know you have way too much stuff, but the thought of decluttering makes you feel powerless.

Well, one solution for that is start with something that takes a less effort but would probably make a big impact in an instant. Here are some simple steps to help you declutter your whole house the easier way.

Divide and Take Control

You might be tempted to move from one space to another, hoping to finish it faster, but that’s not a good idea. Instead, focus on finishing one room after starting on another. Try dividing the rooms into sections and go through it one at a time. Don’t forget to take a small break as you finish.

Decluttering your entire house can’t be done in just one day. If you want to do it all at once, this will just burn you out easily. To help you keep motivated, you can do one room per day. In that way, you can have enough time to sort through items and make a decision.

Sorting System

Sorting might be one of the most important parts of decluttering. You can try sorting things in four categories: trash, give away, trash or move. You have to make a decision item by item, every item in a room must be sorted.

Making the Decision

Well, of course, deciding what stays and what goes is not easy. You have to ask yourself this three things before deciding:

  • Is this working? If not, then get rid of it.
  • When is the last time I used this? If you haven’t used it for the last three or six months, get rid of it.
  • Do I love this? If the answer is NO, then you have to get rid of it.

If things aren’t serving any purpose in your home, they need to go. You can also donate some items if you wish to.

Keep Like Things Together

Categorize like things as you go through each room and place them together in an area close to where you’ll use them. Let say example pens and markers in the office, utility cords in the garage, etc. In this way, you’ll always know where things are when you need them.

Clear Flat Surfaces

Flat surfaces like shelves, desk, countertops, and tables where usually clutter gathered. Clear all flat surfaces in your house and ask yourself where is the place to place those items.

Empty Closets

Spend some time going through your closets and ask yourself about each piece of clothing that you own- Does it fit on me?If not, get rid of it or better yet give it to donations. If items that have sentimental value, free up some space in your closet by storing it.

Get rid of any items that haven’t been worn in over a year or items with stain and torn. Remember, you don’t need to stack things. Instead, you can add more shelving.

Add Storage

Organizing and decluttering your house is much easier when you have proper places to store things. And the last step in decluttering your house is adding storage.

Here are a few items you might wanna consider:

  • Dividers or small containers that can fit in the drawers.
  • Closet storage system
  • Furniture combos to store items you’d prefer to conceal.
  • Baskets to store infrequently used items in the attic, basement, shed, or garage.

Once everything’s done, try adding labels to each container so it will be easier for you to find the item you’re looking for.

Decluttering your entire house is a huge job, so you must be patient and give yourself an ample time to finish. Don’t forget to take lots of breaks as well. You can do it!

Bedroom Storage Solutions

The bedroom is the only place at home where we store our personal stuff. It is basically a room where we sleep, but it also serves as our personal chamber. We often treat it as our semi-living room by putting up tables and couch to lie on after a long day.

Having so many stuff in the room isn’t bad after all. But don’t you think that too much clutter in the bedroom can only give you a little space? Piled up dresses, shoes, bags, and accessories will get in your way if you won’t start making strategic solutions for your storage.  

However, doesn’t it feel good to enter your bedroom and see it tidy and looking as fresh as daisies?. Here are several storage solutions you can apply to your bedroom:

Maximize your closet

The closet is our personal depot where we store all the clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories so maximizing your closet’s potential to its best use shall be considered.

Kristine Becker of HGTV advises,

“Before buying bulky dressers or armoires, make sure you’re getting the most out of your closet — especially when it comes to hanging space.”

She then adds,

“You can always add drawer or shelf units, but it’s harder to change the rods.”

Plan ahead instead of re-arranging your storage on the spot. Use the rods wisely. Instead of hanging random clothes, why not organize the dresses you will consume for daily use. It is best to hide the clothes you won’t be needing for the next few months or until the next season. You need to estimate how many shirts and jackets you will hang in the rods for you to check how many sticks you will need.

If you can also add another drawer for your shoes or bags, then, by all means, do it. Make the most of all the spaces and corners you have in your closet.

Under-the-bed storage

Most of the bed these days have portable cabinets that you can find either in the headboard or under the bed. Sliding drawers under the bed may serve as your bin for old clothes, underwears, shorts, tank tops, and socks. The queen of the under-the-bed storage happily confesses,

“When we lived in that apartment — and especially after we shoehorned a baby and all his things into it — there was so much stuff under my bed, I never had to vacuum there. No room to.”

Opt for dual purpose types of furniture

Dual purpose furniture is more likely applicable to small room spaces. If you put a single drawer for every stuff you have in the room, your place will look crowded and tight making it look like a real trouble. Start browsing the furniture shops for a dual purpose furniture. Instead of purchasing a single drawer, you may opt for cabinets for extra storage which you can use as a shelf and a place to hold your lamp too.

Ditch the bedside tables

It is very common for rooms to have bedside tables but don’t you know that you can ditch that kind of furniture to give way to a free bedroom space? Instead of using bedside tables, you may opt to go for headboard cabinets which can hold your books, glasses, and the lamp. Moreover, you can wall mount the LED TV and stereos for media sets. In addition to that, you may set the DVD and CDs to a mounted wall tower to save floor space.

There are millions of ways for a bedroom storage solution. The process is tedious and takes a lot of time organizing your stuff but when you get to accomplish the tasks, you’ll see how kempt and space-free your comfort zone is.

Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh With These Tips

We all know that we abuse our homes with different smells and unique odors. It varies from light, sweet, fresh scent all the way to foul odors of moldy, stale, stinky kind of smell. Getting used to these smell means we don’t recognize how bad it is even when we walk through the door. But, when other people visit you, they either take notice and tell you about it or they just felt uneasy and a bit turned off. These smells tell us how we take care of our homes.

So how do we banish these household odors for good? You can either buy commercially available air fresheners for instant results within minutes but, it will just be a temporary remedy and a bit hefty in price too. So let’s try to refresh our homes with these DIY, budget-friendly, natural finds.

Natural Home Deodorizers Potpourris

Before we start making these natural fresheners, we need to gather these things first:

  1. Mason jar (if storing in the refrigerator)
  2. Pot for stovetop
  3. Water
  4. Any available ingredients listed on the recipes below

Step-by-step Procedure

  1. Cut any fruits and place in water or you can have a twist by adding spices, extracts and herbs if you want for a more signature scent
  2. Fill your pot/saucepan with water, ¾ the way full and then boil
  3. As soon as it reaches boiling point, reduce to low heat and let it simmer

The scented vapour will spread throughout your home, changing the scent and banishing other unwanted smells in your home.

Variety of Ingredients

Each recipe is numbered as follows, just follow the same steps above in preparing them.

  1. Water, lemon, rosemary, and vanilla extract
  2. Water, vodka, and lilac oil (use it as a room spray)
  3. 4 sprigs of fresh rosemary, a teaspoon of vanilla extract and one sliced lemon (from Williams-Sonoma)
  4. 1 tablespoon vanilla, 1 sliced orange
  5. 1 sliced orange, 5 cinnamon sticks, 2 tablespoons of whole cloves
  6. 1 sliced orange, 1 tablespoon almond extract
  7. 2 sliced limes,  1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon peppermint extract
  8. 5 1/4 inch slices of ginger, 1 tablespoon almond extract, 3 cinnamon sticks
  9. 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon of peppermint extract, 4 sprigs of rosemary
  10. 1 lemon, 1 tsp black peppercorns, a handful of basil
  11. Cedar twigs, by themselves. I love cedar.
  12. Bergamot tea (Earl Grey), 1 tsp vanilla extract
  13. Bergamot tea, 1 sliced orange, 1 tsp almond extract
  14. 1 tablespoon coconut extract, 1 sliced lime

Other Ingredients To Choose From

  1. Citrus Fruits last longest in the pot. But you can also use apples and cranberries.
  2. Herbs that are twiggy or woody hold up best like rosemary, thyme and lemongrass. You can opt-in for thinner herbs though, they’ll still smell therapeutically divine but they won’t last long in the pot.
  3. Spices that are sweet smelling of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, star anise and peppercorns work best. Avoid using strong-smelling spices like paprika which are better left for cooking.
  4. Extracts add a little bit of twist and mood to our scents like cotton candy, vanilla, apricot, peppermint, maple, almond, coconut and blueberry. What a sweet surprise!
  5. Fragrant tree scents like pine needles twigs or your favorite tea work well too.

Other Home Deodorizers

  1. Carpet Powder. Just sprinkle the mixture of baking soda, dried rosemary, and lavender oil on your carpets, let it sit for 15-20 minutes, and vacuum it up for a fresh-smelling room.(Our Best Makeover Projects)
  2. DIY Plug-In Refill. Reuse empty glass plug-in air fresheners containers.Fill it up with some essential oil and water.(Liz Marie Blog Tutorial)
  3. DIY Reed Diffuser. You’ll need a glass container with a small opening, rattan reeds, alcohol, almond oil, and essential oil. Lavender oil for a bedroom to add that fresh, calming scent. While lemon essential oil is perfect for the kitchen. (Mom 4 Real Tutorial)

So, if you want to change your home’s scent signature try these few really easy and fun DIY home fresheners, the best part is, it will cost you to nothing. You can experiment and try a different variety of scents depending on your mood or season. Refreshing your home scents have never been this breezy and inexpensive. How cool is that!

8 Ways To Enhance Your House Entrance

Your home is a representation of who you are. The exterior gives people an initial impression of what is inside your inner sanctuary. A well-kept, appealing and beautiful front entry can be the envy of passers-by. By adding the right elements, you can dramatically increase its market value aside from the delight you can give to other people who see it. Not only that, it makes you a proud owner of an admirable property.

If you think it’s time to do a makeover, here are the 8 ways to enhance your house entrance:

Customize front door

Personalize your front door by replacing it with monogrammed glass door. You can use add customized monogram door hanger or etched glass door monogram. A fresh coat of bright, bold color can make it more eye-catching.

Don’t forget to replace old, worn down, scratched and dented handle sets or knobs to create an elegant, modern look of your entryway.

Put a porch swing

Fill up an empty space with a porch swing. Add colorful throw pillows or drape a shawl for a welcoming ambience. Relax and enjoy a cup of coffee anytime you want while watching people pass by. It is also a nice spot for small talk with friends or neighbors.

Light it up

Emphasize the architectural design of your house at night with unique light designs like string lights, motion-sensing lights or low-voltage, vintage lamps.. Illuminate the pathway with hanging lanterns or lamp posts. Aside from enhancing the aesthetic quality of your home, lights ensure safety and convenience.

Make the entrance elegant

A small porch will be more attractive if you add a frame, an archway or a roof over the front door. Aside from being stunning, it protects you from sun and rain while fishing for the key. The same thing for your visitors while they are waiting for you to open the door.

An attached pergola or gazebo is a nice alternative too. You can also add moldings, trims, columns, decorative brackets and other architectural fixtures that complement the design of your house.

Create a landing spot

Make your porch or entrance area relaxing by placing a bistro set or at least two weather-resistant chairs. It provides a sense of warm welcome and at the same time makes an empty space functional.

Upgrade your landscape

Ornamental plants with colorful flowers are pleasant to the eyes. However, make sure to regularly prune overgrown plants that block the entrance view. Plant more of them in your front yard or along the path to your front door. You can also put decorative planters or flower pots to enliven the porch area. Arrange them in symmetry to make a visual impact.

Transform your pathway

Install a paving stone path to transform your home entrance. Choose colorful and stylish stones to improve the pathway. The ideal size is about 3-4 feet wide which allows two individuals to walk together.

Revamp the entrance look

Transform the ordinary look of your entrance area. Make it a focal spot of attention by adding full-length windows on both sides of the door. They create an illusion of bigger space and also let more natural light inside the house.

Kitchen Organizing Hacks

Kitchen Organizing Hacks is now a trend that helps maximize the space. Repurpose things are very useful in organizing the kitchen. There are also useful kitchen ingredients for cooking that helps freshen and clean the kitchen. With these hacks, the kitchen is a place of order where it is easy to manage and pleasant to work and cook.

Check below amazing kitchen organizing hacks transforming to a pretty and useful kitchen place.


Use of magnets to hang spice racks with steel covers or containers.

Magazine Holders

Holders inside the cabinets to store Ziploc box and aluminium foil boxes. Use of magazine holders as freezer shelves to organize things in the fridge.

Clear bottles and labels

Storing of foods in clear containers and labelling them helps clear the mess and identify the food item immediately.

Curtain rod

Install curtain rods for space of pot lids.

Pocket organizer 

Pocket Organizers has enough pockets for cleaning items to put inside the cabinet door.

Tension rods

Place this below the sink to store spray bottles or cleaning materials.


Insert cleaning sponge to a clip and let it dry.


Hang it inside the cabinet for hooking Kitchen utensils.

Screw Hooks

Attach screw hooks below the spacious kitchen counter to hang kitchen utensils, pots and pans.


Use a pegboard to organize kitchen utensils and pots/pans.

Clear Desk Organizer

Repurpose clear desk organizer as fridge organizer to manage the food items. This can also be stacked on top of each other.

Check below for cooking ingredients to freshen kitchen area.

Clean with Baking soda

  1. Freshen the inside bottom of a garbage can by sprinkling baking soda (about one tablespoon).
  2. Use baking soda with vinegar to desensitize the inside of the oven.
  3. Use of baking powder and vinegar to put in the drain. Follow with hot water to rinse oil grease.

Clean with Baking soda

  1. Freshen the inside bottom of a garbage can by sprinkling baking soda (about one tablespoon).
  2. Use baking soda with vinegar to desensitize the inside of the oven.
  3. Use of baking powder and vinegar to put in the drain. Follow with hot water to rinse oil grease.


Clean dishwasher with vinegar to freshen it up.


Freshen the place with vanilla. Put 2 cups of vanilla, baked in an oven at 300 degrees. The room will smell like vanilla after.


Put flour in a microfiber cloth and rub it in steel appliance, sink or counter. Then rinse it off to make the surface shine.

The kitchen organizing hacks are convenient and affordable to make storages and cabinets more spacious and organized. It helps in decluttering and more efficient in cleaning off the kitchen area. These hacks make life easy in the kitchen with no stress at all.